About Us

Our project is non-commercial. We are a team of authors who passionately write about health and express their opinion about certain products.

We are journalists with medical education who are looking for the realization of their knowledge and skills in this project. On the pages of Hawaii-Conference.com we publish reviews about the sexual health of men and women, we test products ourselves and offer our readers full reviews of products that we personally tried.

We reserve the right to express our point of view but do not impose it. When you buy certain products after clicking on the links that you can find in the article, we can get an affiliate commission. This is your gratitude for the work done.

We are not responsible for the quality of the products you order and are not responsible for the consequences that may be after using it. We create a really unique and interesting content about products for your health, which is written professionally. All products about which we write are available for purchase online on the official websites of manufacturers that we offer to visitors.