Best Lovense Sex Toys(Vibrators) Review and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Separation as an opportunity: sensuality and piquancy with Lovense vibrators

Mutual sympathy and heart-to-heart talk are excellent qualities for a strong friendship based on mutual understanding. 

But for stable relationships between partners, biological and sexual compatibility is required. And the trouble with many couples is that being separated, they cannot maintain their relationship.

“Remote” love – is happiness possible?

1) Relations at a distance: statistics, problems, Lovense sex toys

Only 4% of couples happily experience separation. As a rule, these are people who greatly value their personal space and for them, guest marriage is an excellent option for family well-being. In 95% of cases, “distance love” self-destructs in 1-3 years.

There are several reasons for the termination of relations due to long separation:

  • inability to maintain communication;
  • lack of sensation of the presence of a loved one;
  • lack of trust;
  • sexual interruption;
  • the destruction of intimate interest.

Perhaps when letters from one end of the world to the other went for weeks and even months, it was quite difficult not to lose interest in your partner. But at the present stage, with the development of cyber technologies and such a direction as teledildonics, maintaining stability in relations and not losing each other as a sexual partner has become quite simple.

Teledildonics is the ability to transmit sensations similar to real sex to a distance. Using a stable Internet signal, lovers are given the opportunity to caress each other as tenderly or passionately as if they were in the same room.

A company holding the lead among developments in the field of teledildonics, Lovense. In her assortment of the best sex toys that using a proprietary application will help you feel the presence of a partner, his tenderness, and perseverance.

Buying a pair of sex toys sets – a vibrator and a masturbator – is an opportunity to survive a vivid simultaneous orgasm at a distance of thousands of kilometers from each other.

Best Lovense Sex Toys for long-distance love

2) Brief characteristics

Lovense’s interest in teledildonics is not an accidental choice. The founder of the brand was in a relationship that shared great distances.

This inspired him to create such a sex toy, which would not only serve as the satisfaction of sexual needs but could become a continuation of the partner, his ability to touch and feel the touch. Already in 2009, the vibrator entered the market, which was controlled by Skype.

In the future, Lovense sex toys not only expands the range but also significantly improves it. Already in 2013, the Nora vibrator and Max masturbator receive an integrated Bluetooth electronic unit, which is still used today, having received only a more powerful transmitter for stable communication. Software development for the “Pleasure at a Distance” technology is also under active development.

In 2015, Lovense introduced the Lush Vibro-bullet to the market for intimate goods, equipped with remote control and advanced functionality due to the capabilities of a special application. In 2017, the lineup is doubled, Ambi Vibro-bullet, Edge male massager, Domi wand vibrator, and G-Osci point vibrator are added to successfully sold best sex toys.

The popularity of the company is evidenced by the fact that new products are already being analyzed at the pre-order stage, and the company can easily raise funds on a crowdfunding platform to develop a new toy.

An assortment of pleasure is the secret to the popularity of Lovense sex toys

3) Lovense sex toys line – Lush2, Max, Domi, Hush, Ambi, Edge, Nora, Domi2, Osci2 (a brief overview of each)

What is the secret of the popularity of seemingly such simple intimate toys?

Lush2 – a little female secret

The Lush Vibro-egg is an exciting pink vaginal sex toy with a tail-antenna. Lush 2 is the next release, which differs from the previous version by its enhanced Bluetooth capabilities, a change in the location of the button, and battery capacity for long voluptuous games. This device is notable for the fact that thanks to the silent motor, it can be safely used in a public place.

Even being hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from you, your partner may suddenly remind himself of himself with a gentle rhythm of vibrations. A sex toy connects lovers with a special application, leaving your partner unlimited control over your enjoyment.

Max – men’s toy

Since Lovense was originally a brand of the best sex toys for couples, from the beginning of the company’s foundation, the development of models with a bidirectional signal has been ongoing. Max is a male masturbator that internalizes the sensation of penetration into the vagina.

But his trick is that through the Lovense application, he synchronizes with the Nora female rabbit vibrator. The stronger the vibrator head vibrates and rotates, the more Max compresses and pulses, bringing both partners to an enchanting climax.

Domi – Vand vibrator for unearthly enjoyment

Vibrator for external use in the form of a long handle and a rotating and vibrating nozzle head. A magic wand of orgasm, which with its movements can not only bring to the peak of pleasure but also provide relaxation of all muscles.

The flexibility of the head allows you to reach any area on the body, and the ability to stimulate the clitoris successfully copes with such a phenomenon as anorgasmia – the inability to achieve orgasm.

Hush – throbbing anal caresses

You may have tried butt plugs before, but Hush is the best sex toy with great potential. Conical shape, soft silky silicone, a thin neck, and a wide base – carry it in yourself where you want it. With the Lovense app and the powerful Bluetooth unit, your partner will remind you of yourself.

Many users are celebrating. That after using this sex toy they finally decided to try anal sex in real life. All these thanks to the features of Hush, which turns anal sex into an unearthly pleasure.

Ambi – Double Pleasure

One of the popular models of Vibro-bullets, which can be used not only solo but also during traditional sex. The unusual shape allows you to stay on the body during intercourse and transmit sweet vibrations to both partners. And in the period of separation will remind you of the tenderness of a loved one. The toy is equipped with a powerful motor, controlled by the application, can be activated using voice or music.

Edge – masculine strength in gentle hands

A good prostate massage is a simple and enjoyable way to maintain men’s health. With Edge, you don’t need to go to the doctor’s treatment rooms to complete the session. Its possibilities are almost endless: the adjustable head will stimulate at the right point, two powerful motors will add deep vibrations to relax and tone the pubic-coccygeal muscles. In addition, you can entrust this delicate procedure to your partner even when you are far from each other. The silent operation allows you to use Edge in a public place.

Nora – a super-rabbit with unlimited possibilities

A sex toy with the prefix “smart”, “smart vibrator” – what names they do not come up with for this toy. Pink velvet silicone coating at first glance tunes for long-lasting gentle games. But really, unlike its ancestors, this vibrator has unlimited abilities: double stimulation due to the presence of a paw-shaped outgrowth, a vibrating and rotating head, synchronization with a male masturbator, as well as a powerful motor and battery.

Domi2 – release for lasting pleasure

The second release of the popular vibrator. It differs from the previous model in a modified design, an ergonomic handle, a new Bluetooth unit that provides a stable communication signal. The toy also received a larger battery, providing up to 6 hours of continuous pleasure.

Osci2 – waterproof new

A vibrator for point G has already gained popularity with a new release. The main difference from the previous model is the waterproofness of the toy, which allows you to get sexual relaxation in the shower, bath, pool. Of course, you can transfer vibration control to your partner, allowing him to watch your body movements and “direct” your climax.

Smart Opportunities: Understanding the Nuances

4) Technical capabilities of Lovense sex toys

Ergonomics, soft silicone, and smooth lines in sex toys are not the main features of Lovense products. The main feature of the lineup is the use of smart technologies, which translates sex toys into the category of intelligent devices for cybersex.

The workflow is quite simple and easy to understand even for beginners. All you need is a smartphone-based on IOS or Android, a stable Internet signal, and any Lovense toy.

After purchasing the toy, download the Lovense application to your smartphone. It is completely free and available on GooglePlay and the AppStore.

In the Application, you need to register and use Bluetooth-connection to connect your toy with a smartphone. In this case, the phone will act as a remote control. You do not need to interrupt your games in order to select the desired mode or increase the strength of vibrations. All control is carried out on the smartphone screen.

You can also customize the activation of the sex toy using music or the voice of a partner, choose one of the standard templates or customize your own unique “scenario” of vibrations that can bring you to the peak of pleasure.

The most important feature of Lovense vibrators is the transfer of control over the actions of the toy to your partner. It is enough to open access in the application and the control panel is now in his hands. This will allow you to feel his presence, and together to experience the unforgettable sensual experience of gentle caresses at a distance.

Variety of possibilities: throbbing pleasure and control

5) How do Lovense devices work? What are its advantages?

In addition to innovations in the field of cybersex, Lovense sex toys do not stop improving the design of its models. This is not to say that they are undergoing dramatic changes, but the lines are getting softer, ergonomics are added to the models, and the electric drive is being improved. The main changes that have received popular models:

  • Lush2 – long tail-antenna, moving the control button,
  • Max 2 – air pump hole added, improved flexibility and elasticity of the inner sleeve,
  • Nora – the clitoral paw has changed, it has become more flexible, added flexibility and smoothness of the anatomical bends of the main trunk,
  • Domi2 – modified handle for better fixation,
  • Osci2 – improved due to complete waterproofness.

The main thing for all releases is constantly increasing battery power. If the first models could work up to 2 hours, then modifications released during 2019-2020 are able to please you up to 6 hours.

Lovense also uses advanced motors it the production of its sex toys. The main emphasis is on the noiselessness of the toys so that nothing distracts the user from sexual pleasure. Or, if desired, the toy could be safely used at the workplace or in a public place. And only your contented smile and voluptuous tremors could betray your secret.

A special piquancy of the situation can be added by the unexpected start of the toy if your partner activates its actions. Just remember to enter the toy and stay in touch. This will help not only to maintain sexual interest but also to significantly warm it up.

Business with Lovense: when pleasure turns into real money

6) Lovense for cam models – fun and make money

Lovense is the brand today. One of his directions is support for webcam sex toys. This direction allows girls to earn money by playing with their sex toys. And all modifications of Lovense are able to respond to tokens – the electronic currency of cumming.

Of course, such a function is optional and the toys can simply be used for your pleasure. But if there is an opportunity to combine business with pleasure, that is, pleasure from sex with monetary satisfaction, then why not take advantage of it.

We are tuned for pleasure

  1. Download and install the Lovense application and a special extension for the browser
  2. Go through authentication – make sure that the username and password match.
  3. Next, the application itself will offer you a choice of one of the webcam services that you can use to earn money or add it yourself if it is not on the list.
  4. Then go to the webcam website and set the best sex toys, cost, and vibration time that you are ready to demonstrate to your guest in your personal settings.

Boss to herself

The advantages of webcamming are that you choose when and where you will work. And also independently set the cost of your services. The two main conditions without which a successful business webcam model is impossible are a steady signal and unlimited imagination. Of course, if you have a toy from Lovense.

Business Tools from Lovense

The most popular modifications of Lovense for webcam, popular among experienced web models, are:

  • Lush2 is a favorite of web models. The perfectly shaped Vibro egg with a powerful transmitter and battery gently touches the G point, filling the vagina with deep vibrations;
  • Nora is a rabbit vibrator for double stimulation: the foot gently caresses the clitoris, and the main trunk gently stimulates every cell of the vagina, making you moan with pleasure and excite your guest. If the partner has a Max masturbator, then you can set up real virtual sex with an extravaganza of real sensations;
  • Hush – butt plug with intelligent electronics. Since most women are distrustful of such devices, men are willing to pay generously for not only watching your games but also independently regulating the strength and rhythm of vibrations;
  • Domi is a multifunctional device for external stimulation. It is able to stimulate any area on your body. The only drawback of this toy is that you can transfer control to the guest, but the guest cannot intervene in his actions independently.

If your goal is to succeed, then the principle “the more the better” is the right decision on this path. Because, the wider your collection, the greater demand your shows will enjoy.

Cybersex and extravaganza of real sensations: the possibilities of the tandem Max2 and Nora

7) Max2 and Lush 2 Lovense sex toys et al. On the net for fun in the distance

When collecting your beloved on a business trip – do not forget to put Max2 in your travel bag. This Lovense masturbator will not only save him from boredom and prevent him from accidental connections. This toy is easily synchronized with your Lovense – Nora vibrator. Unfortunately, to date, Lush2 or Hush cannot fully connect to the Max2 masturbator, although soon the manufacturer promises to fix it.

Keep your loved one in suspense or give him control over the vibrations of toys. With this tandem Max2 and Nora, the possibilities are almost endless. They can be activated by each other’s voice or your favorite musical composition.

Also, using video chat, you can watch each other. The stronger the female sex toy vibrates, the more actively the masturbator shrinks and vibrates. These synchronous movements create a feeling of the complete presence of each other, making your sensory experience much brighter and your relationship stronger.

If you just met through online dating, then it’s time before a real meeting to understand whether you are suitable for each other sexually. Trusting each other your intimate secrets, even at a distance, you have a chance to build stable and strong relationships.

Lovense Smart App: Overcoming All Obstacles

8) Work with the Lovense app in conjunction with toys

The Lovense application is absolutely free and available for both smartphones based on iOS and for Android devices. The accessible interface of the program step-by-step informs about your further actions.

In fact, installing the application replaces the remote control for all Lovense toys. Only its distinctive feature is the range of action.

If the Bluetooth connection allows control at a distance of 3 to 10 m, then there are no barriers for Wi-Fi connection. The only condition is a stable internet signal.

Content exchange: for full communication partners

9) Messaging and photos during the work of Lovense sex toys

For full communication and control over the work of sex toys, both partners must have an account in the Lovense application. Thus, you configure the ability to exchange photos and messages as in a regular messenger. To set up communication:

  • go to the application in the “Long Distance” tab;
  • choose the partner with whom you want to configure communication;
  • familiarize yourself with all the playback options by clicking “+”;
  • here, using the Live Control button, you can see if your partner has their own Lovense toy.

Send messages and photos, enjoy communication with your partner, warm up interest in yourself with the help of naughty phrases, and explicit erotic photos.

Lovense and Fleshlight: The Pleasure on the TVDildon Wings

10) Lovense and Fleshlight

Sex toys for couples from Lovesense Nora and Max with their functionality provide partners with feelings that are as close as possible to real ones. The stronger the Nora vibrates, the more intensive the Max vacuum is triggered, creating wave-like contractions of the female vagina.

That is, their movements are carried out in this way. As if they really touch each other, providing users with orgasm in a single cycle of vibration and compression. Using the Body Chat app will also provide video chat during your sexual experience.

An analog of the Max masturbator from Lovense, are Fleshlight masturbators. They are also equipped with intelligent electronics, allowing you to create a stable Internet or Bluetooth connection. Also, through the FeelConnect application, Fleshlight masturbators can synchronize with female toys, providing a sense of real sexual intercourse.

The capabilities of the best Lovense and Fleshlight sex toys allow partners who are in a long separation to remind each other about how they feel good together. Thus, not only sexual interest is preserved, but also full intimate intimacy, based on trust and tenderness.

Lovense: the pros and cons of cyber toys

11) Pros and Cons of Lovense Sex Toys

Lovense’s first sex toys, released from 2009 to 2015, lacked powerful batteries and a Bluetooth transmitter. Because of this, they could be enjoyed for no more than 1-2 hours, and communication with the smartphone was constantly lost, causing malfunctions.

The new generation, which began to conquer the market for intimate goods since 2017, is equipped with a more powerful Bluetooth transmitter that provides a stable signal. Also, sex toys began to be equipped with more powerful batteries and motors with a lot of vibrations. Due to this, the Duration of continuous operation in some models reaches 5-6 hours.

Among the disadvantages of Lovense, one can mention a rather high price, which does not allow you to collect the entire collection at once. But this is understandable, since the materials used must be completely harmless to the body, and the quality can not be cheap.

For those in doubt: current issues

12) Frequently asked questions (tuning, use, sensations, reviews, care)

Why can’t I set up my Internet connection?

There can be four reasons:

  • there is no Internet signal – check if there is a connection to wi-fi;
  • Bluetooth connection is disabled on the smartphone;
  • the partner does not have an account in the Lovense application;
  • the toy requires charging – maybe you did not have time to charge the device.

How to use paired toys

To use sex toys for couples, each partner needs to install the Lovense app and set up an account. Without this, synchronization is not possible.

What a partner should feel

The synchronization capabilities of the masturbator and the Lovense vibrator allow you to provide full sexual intercourse at a distance. The more actively the vibrator vibrates and rotates, the more intensively the masturbator is compressed.

How to properly care for Lovense sex toys

All sex toys, regardless of gender, must be washed after each use. The recommendations on the packaging will allow you to decide on detergent and antiseptic. Perform antibacterial treatment periodically to avoid bacterial infection.

If you still have doubts, we suggest that you read the reviews of those who already use Lovense toys:

Possible malfunctions: we deal with functionality

13) Problems and solutions (first launch, communication between toys, application installation, type of communication)

The toy does not start

Check the charge indicator, maybe you just forgot to charge it.

My sex toy does not see my partner’s lovense

Perhaps the partner did not connect the toy to the application, but simply uses Bluetooth. So you cannot sync devices.

When working with the application, the indication of connecting the toy is indicated by a pink circle in the upper right corner. If you see the link icon instead, the toy is not connected.

To do this, click on it and activate “+” to start searching for the device. At the same time, make sure that the toy is turned on and its indication is blinking. When the device is found, its name will appear on the smartphone screen. You can enable/disable it. After connecting, click on the “Done” button in the upper right corner.

The same operations must be performed by the partner with his device.

How to install the application?

The application is absolutely free and available, both in GooglePlay and in the AppStore. It can also be downloaded on the official website. Follow the prompts for the application to complete successfully.

Can I use various devices to synchronize toys, for example, my partner’s PC and my smartphone

For Best Lovense sex toys, it doesn’t matter which device is controlled. Only a PC requires a special Bluetooth adapter, which can be purchased on the official website.

What type of connection does Lovense support?

All Lovense toys use Bluetooth and an Internet signal. For games over short distances, you can use your smartphone as a remote control using Bluetooth. To overcome significant distances, you need to configure the work of toys through the application and a stable Internet signal.

Reliability of purchase: the better the purchase from the official site

14) Purchase from the official website

Lovense is quite an expensive brand. Therefore, dishonest sellers are very tempted to sell you a cheap fake for the same money. To make the purchase a joy and you have access to the full functionality of Lovense, it is better to make a purchase on the official website.

Also, due to the increasing incidence of web espionage, when sex toys contribute to the theft of private video content, it is better to purchase toys on the official website. This is a guarantee of the safety of your entertainment.

Only in this way can you be sure that you have paid for an original of the highest quality, which will bring you only pleasure and unearthly bliss!


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