My Personal Male Edge Review/Results After 9 Months

I want to talk about the best rod extender, as for me, which helped me solve many problems with sexual dysfunction and penis size. 

Moreover, I managed to correct a little curvature, which prevented me all my life. I want to talk about my experience of using Male Edge.

When I was only interested in penis traction technology and read about it on medical sites, I most of all wanted to hear real stories of men who themselves used the device. I wanted to know:

  • What results have they achieved?
  • How did they use the device? How long they wore, did they feel discomfort?
  • How to configure it for your member?
  • Did you experience problems during use?
  • How quickly did you get the results and what were they?

There were a lot of questions, but on various review sites and blogs, there was only general information. I had to go to the forums and look for some information from the posts, which basically were insignificant.

I bought the device from the official website and did it just because it is different from others and was made by the respected European company DanaMedic, which also produces Jes Extender and SizeGenetics devices.

I will tell in this article why Male Edge is the best choice. I will reveal the secrets of using the device and tell in detail about the results that I got.

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So, Male Edge is a penis stretching device. Due to the constant tension during use, tissue cells divide and due to this, a new tissue growth occurs. In fact, you make the penis larger, while in the case of the curvature of the penis, the device helps to get rid of a little curvature.

This is a medically proven fact. In addition, the penis traction technology, which has been known to medicine for 20 years thanks to this very company DanaMedic, which invented Jes Extender back in the 90s. In fact, Male Edge is a new generation of penis enlargement devices, as it differs significantly from its predecessor.

What is the difference between Male Edge and similar devices such as SizeGenetics,
Jes Extender, X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro?

  • If traditional rod extenders are adjustable in length using separate rods of different sizes, then the Male Edge design is made in such a way that you can twist the rods and fix them to a certain length. Such a mechanism is actually unique and is used exclusively in this device. This is very convenient, instead of twisting the rods, you simply push them to the desired length with a swiveling movement
  • In the traditional design of the extender, in order to remove it and go to the toilet, for example, it is necessary to remove the base of the extender. Male Edge has special split clips, you can use to remove a second device base and then put on the extender quickly and easy. Due to this function, working with it is very convenient and it does not require any effort and hassle.
  • The main problem of traditional devices is that due to aluminum rods it weighs so much that it can cause discomfort while wearing. Male Edge is made from super light and durable materials so that you don’t feel it on the penis and can wear it longer. In general, the essence of penis traction technology is to apply tension in the tissues as long as possible and it should be maximum to achieve speedy results.
  • The design of the device is admirable. None of the existing devices can boast of such a nice design, which is also functional. This extender, depending on the package, can be blue, green, and red.
  • Adjusting the tension in the device is also simple, just release the desired tension by pulling the rod. All according to the instructions. There are 3 levels of tension and you know exactly how many grams of traction are currently in use. It is very convenient and such preset settings guarantee uniform, smooth tension, and a given level
  • And finally, the unusual format for using the device is also due to the fact that the extender base can be worn by one or the other side, depending on the size of your penis.

As you can see, there are a lot of differences, while the device is easy to use and moreover, due to simple settings you get used to it very quickly and it is more difficult to make mistakes with it, such as incorrectly set bar lengths in accordance with the size of your penis or inaccurate tension settings.

If you keep track of your routine, then it is convenient to measure the level of tension with Male Edge, since its tension modes have clear parameters.

How to Use the Device?

Using Male Edge is very simple and convenient. I have several penis extenders, but I always choose Male Edge when I plan to once again start a program to increase a penis. Why? In all respects, this device suits me more than the others. I will tell you about my routine.

So, the first setup (4 easy steps)

Of course, the most exciting and difficult moment is the first setup and use of the device. Let’s take a detailed look at how to set up and put on the device:

  • Step #1: you need to measure the length of your penis and unscrew the rods by turning and lifting them
  • Step #2: fix the same length on both sides until you click. Make sure the length is right and the size of your penis. Moreover, this length can be set right while you put on the device. It is more than convenient. With other extenders, you constantly have to select the rods in length, wind up, check, and this process is very routine. With Male Edge, everything is much simpler.
  • Step #3: The same goes for screw tension. This parameter is responsible for the force with which the extender will stretch your member. It is impossible to set too high a tension right away, over time it will be possible to increase the load. And if you are just starting to use the device, it would be better to just make the minimum level a simple movement.
  • Step #4: Before tightening the strap on the penis head, be sure to put on a comfort pad so you can avoid excessive friction. Remember, the head of your penis is tender and responds to any touch. Silicone strap can create friction since you use the device for several hours daily. The comfort pad is very soft and pleasant, with its help the stretching of the penis becomes really comfortable.

How to Wear?

  • First, you have to pass the penis through the ring with the right side
  • Next put the comfort pad on the penis head
  • Next, use the strap to fasten the head of the penis
  • After that, set the length of the rods and determine the tension of the screws
  • After that, just snap the base into the device
  • Wear your underpants calmly and do your usual activities.

How to Use it During the Day?

  • You should know that you can take off and put on the device at any time, it’s convenient and comfortable. And of course, it’s not difficult at all
  • Try to wear it for at least an hour, after which you can take a break comfortable for you
  • During the day, the extender must be worn for at least 3-4 hours. Sometimes you can skip some days if you feel any discomfort
  • Remember – the main thing in penis traction is a habit. At first, everything seems uncomfortable and uncomfortable, since it is a rigid rod extender, and not a vacuum device, where the head of the penis is attached using a vacuum. We will talk about such devices later in the article.


Real sensations, possible pains, discomfort, fatigue

On all the blogs that I read about Male Edge, some characteristics of the device and instructions are painted, but there is nothing about what a real user is experiencing. I see that real blog reviews are often impossible to find.

People write about penis enlargement devices that they haven’t even seen in their eyes. I have my photos before and after, I shoot how I put on the device, how I shoot and how I live a normal life with a device in my pants that help me increase my penis size.

So, returning to my feelings. Initially, it was difficult for me, to be honest, the first setup went fine, I’m glad that Male Edge just has minimal traction, which helped me not to worry about the tension of the screws.

Male Edge vs. other penis extenders

It is more difficult with other penis extenders – there you need to unscrew the screws until there are some sensations that are difficult to navigate if you are a beginner. At Male Edge, everything is already thought out, over time you will increase the tension so that the results grow. But for starters, everything is simple.

The difficult moment is the first hours of using the extender. So it’s hard to understand that you now have a device in your pants that is constantly in work. It’s uncomfortable for you. Is it stretches you too much? Are there will be side effects.

Where to wear and use the penis extender?

I still decided that the first time I would use an extender at home. Well, I need to get used to it! I am not ready to immediately go with it to the people. I read that a penis can slip and using the extender at a time when the penis is not properly fixed can be useless.

Frankly, there were no problems with this extender. Due to the fact that it is light, weightless, I could not strain. Literally a week – and you get used to it. I began to put on my wide pants and calmly got into the car, went to work, and did the usual things.


I was really tired of living with the thought that I had a small penis, it always upset me when it came to sex. I dreamed about it for 20 years and finally, at the age of 37, I decided to change something in my sexual life.

Lord, why haven’t I done this before? Well, what’s the difficulty. Within a month, I felt much better sexually. My erection lasts longer, the length and width of the penis increased by 1 inch and 0.3 inches, respectively. Everything turns out! And was it difficult for me? Not at all.

Side effects

I can’t tell about them, at first I had uncomfortable sensations associated with wearing the device. But I read that if your erection is normal or improves – you are doing everything right. It was also with me, I had some redness, but nothing serious, and they passed within a week.

How did my dick react to the extender?

I was worried about how wearing the extender would affect the health of my penis. What was my surprise when I realized that my erection is becoming more powerful, I can have sex longer, my cock grows, and even a little curvature goes away.


I confidently and without problems used the device daily. Whatever I did, except for sports, everything was convenient. And this is due to the fact that the device is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

When I tried others – X4 Labs and Quick Extender Pro, everything was completely wrong. They are heavy, I constantly took off and dressed with problems. I had to constantly adjust the tension and these settings were lost, a member fell out of the device.

Before/After Results(forum pictures)

  • After 1 month, the penis grows 1 inch in length and 0.3 inches in width. Improved erection
  • After 3 months, the penis will grow 1.5 ” in length and 0 .3 ” in width. An erection became much more powerful and arose much faster. Stamina grew in the bed.
  • After 6 months, I felt what the growth of a member is 2 inches long and 1 inch wide
  • After 9 months my penis length increased by 1 inch and girth – by 0,5 inches

I continued to use the device for another 3 months and only in the 9th month did I see the limit. My dick is 3 inches longer and 1.2 inches wide. These were incredible results. But that was not all – using penis traction is like fitness for a member.

I got a powerful erection, I could have sex for hours, I better-controlled ejaculation, I began to experience multiple orgasms and I even started to finish after a blowjob. Sensitivity is better, more pleasure from sex. And most importantly – the results were permanent.

After 6 months, I also started doing Jelking exercises and taking VigRx Plus tablets – they enhanced the effect. With them, the erection became stronger and I received much more blood in the penis. It is important to apply different effects on the penis – external and internal. Supplements enhance the result.

It was easy to wear the device next 3 months because I’ve got impressive results and I finally enlarged my penis by 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width

Final Thoughts

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In summary, I can say that Male Edge is a very comfortable, reliable, and perfectly working extender. Let it not bother you that it is not like the others; it is much better.

Despite the fact that the materials from which it is made are not the same as everywhere in the extenders, they are distinguished by their extra strength and ultra lightness. I recommend Male Edge to everyone.


James Carlton

James Carlton(journalist and a medical blogger)