Total Curve Review, Breast Growth Results and Medical Facts

For many years, women have been discussing among themselves the natural breast enlargement without surgery. There is an opinion that it is impossible, that it does not work, that there are no alternatives to surgery.

Indeed, today in your town, you can find a variety of clinics, which for a modest 5-10 000 $ will hold you to the so-called safe operation. The usual thing, no problems, we are all super professionals, the chest will be large forever, there will be no problems with implants.

But, of course, all this is not true! Any operation is a serious consequence, now or later you will encounter such complications, which will be more expensive to treat than the cost of the operation.

Today, medicine does not stand still, what yesterday seemed impossible, today is already a reality.

Not all women know or are interested in alternative medicine. Yes, indeed you cannot make your breasts bigger with exercises, it is physiologically impossible.

But if you use a complex of special dietary supplements and creams, such as Total Curve , you will have the opportunity to temporarily or even constantly increase your breasts, make it more elastic. This is especially true for women after childbirth.

In fact, natural dietary supplements and creams – this may be the solution for you, which will increase breasts. Purely from a medical point of view – this is a proven fact. Totl Curve is the only drug and cream that helps to increase breast size by 1-2 sizes without surgery within a few months.

How does Total Curve Work?

Of course, you all care about how it works. And we will answer it in this article.

So, the Total Curve formula contains trace elements that have a positive effect on breast growth and its shape. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients:

  • Lucky thistle helps restore collagen and elastin in the skin, it is it that contributes to the formation of breast elasticity
  • Fennel seeds contain estrogen. It is they who can actually increase the breast by changing the harmonious balance. Moreover, in Total Curve estrogen will work much better than special harmonious preparations.
  • It is also worth mentioning that buckwheat leaves help improve blood circulation for the growth of mammary glands, increasing the effectiveness of estrogen. All this works in a complex and improves the result.
  • But it is worth saying that in addition to estrogen, progesterone is important for breast growth.
  • It is worth mentioning the root of wild yam, which is part of the Total Curve formula . It is known for its healing properties that increase estrogen levels in the body. This is truly a key ingredient in this formula, which helps to naturally enlarge the breast and make it firmer.
  • Leaves and shoots of cross salad can be very effective in the process of natural breast growth, the properties of this ingredient are such that they affect the general condition of the breast and its appearance
  • Damian leaf, which is located in the Total Curve complex, also affects breast growth.
  • As for traditional Chinese medicine, Dong Quay herb, which promotes the production of progesterone, should be noted. It also promotes breast growth.

Estrogen and Pregesterone

So, your breast is able to increase in size, its current state is caused by an insufficient amount of estrogen and progesterone in your body. Using the Total Curve complex , which consists of a cream and tablets for several months, you will notice how your chest is filled with strength, health and beauty.

Purely from a medical point of view, the Total Curve complex works because it contains the most important ingredient Volufiline , which increases the amount of adipose tissue in the mammary gland.

The site published the results of a study that proves that this ingredient in the formula helps to increase the number of fat molecules in the mammary glands. This contributes to visual breast enlargement. Also, the breast becomes firmer and all thanks to Volufiline . View a detailed study report here.

Breast Enlargement and Lifting

The main goal of a woman is not only to make her breast bigger, but also to tighten her, increase her elasticity. Often women lose weight, while their breasts sag and it seems that it is impossible to change in any way.

But if you use the Total Curve complex regularly, it will be obvious that with the help of natural ingredients of the formula you can transform your breasts, because due to the growth of new fat cells by almost 5 times, the breast becomes larger in volume. This can be seen with the naked eye after a couple of months. And if you use the cream and pills for more than 6 months, you can measure a whole new breast size.

It is worth noting that the formula of this product is rich in trace elements that your body lacks so much. All this helps to improve the condition of your chest.

Such a problem as nipple sensitivity is a concern for many women. Sometimes they notice that with age, sensitivity is lost. So, with regular use of Total Curve cream, the sensitivity of the nipples improves significantly. This affects the quality of sexual life.

The peculiarity of the Total Curve formula is that it really works, there is scientific evidence for this. The product has been sold on the market for more than 10 years, it is created by a well-known pharmaceutical company and sells it very successfully. The natural formula for breast augmentation is invented and called Total Curve . She simply has no analogues, since this is really a medical breakthrough.

Breast Growth Results

You cannot see the result immediately using the Total Curve complex . But within 2 months, positive changes with the size of the breast and its elasticity definitely occur. The company guarantees a result for 67 days.

The effect is different in all women. Someone can use Total Curve to increase their breasts by 1-2 sizes in 3 months, others need 6 months and their results are more modest. All these are the physiological characteristics of every woman. But it is worth noting that absolutely all women have results.

Side effects

They are simply absent, since all the ingredients in the Total Curve formula are 100% natural and do not cause any negative reactions, such as redness or nausea.

How to apply Total Curve?

The composition of Total Curve includes tablets and cream. These two components must be involved in parallel in the growth process of your breasts. Tablets help the body get all the necessary trace elements, and external exposure and rubbing with massage movements of the cream can enhance the effect . The cream is rapidly absorbed and acts precisely on your mammary glands.

Today on the market there are many different pills and creams that are supposedly able to increase breasts. But in fact, all of them simply do not work, since there is no medical evidence of the effectiveness of these formulas. You run the risk of wasting your money if you buy dubious breast augmentation products.

Always pay attention to:

  • Is there any medical evidence of the effectiveness of the formula
  • Is there a formal refund guarantee if the product does not work
  • Are there any real recommendations from doctors
  • Who is the manufacturer of the formula, are there any contacts for contacting an official representative?
  • Read reviews about the product you want to buy

You can also find various creams that temporarily increase the breast, keep in mind they can cause harm, leave redness on the chest. It is not recommended to use dubious creams that are sold on the Internet.

Be careful, today Total Curve is the only complex product that can increase breasts and make it more elastic.

James Carlton

James Carlton

James Carlton, MD, is board certified in urology. He received his medical degree from the University of California.