Penimaster Pro [2020] Review and Final Results [Before/After]

The medical extender PeniMaster Pro is a device, the use of which allows to increase the size of the penis due to the activation of natural and physiological processes.

As a result of the impact of the PeniMaster Pro extender, there are multiple effects:

Besides, in agreement with the attending physician, PeniMaster Pro extender can be used for therapeutic purposes and various urogenital pathologies. We will talk about natural penis enlargement in this Penimaster Pro review.

Penimaster facts:
Rank: #1
Success rate: 92%
Years on the market: 20+
Customers: 500 000
Benefits: German quality, unique design, the medical approval
Approved by: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Lemperle (DE), Dr. Ruslan Petrovich (RU), Dr. Ignacio Moncada
Clinical studies: published in the British Journal of Urology
First/max results: 30 days/360 days
Prices: Rod expander system – $259, Belt-expander system – $242, Complete set – $295
Manufacturer: MSP Concept (Germany)
International Shipping: 3-14 days (WorldWide).
Website versions: English, Deutsch,  Español, Italiano, Français, Português
Official store:

A Review Of Main Advantages

To better understand all the benefits of using the PeniMaster Pro extender, it should be compared with other tools that are used for similar purposes (with varying success).

In the table below, this issue is considered in more detail:

How Does Penimaster PRO Work?


Clinical facts
PeniMaster Pro has been scientifically proven that the enlargement of an organ (the penis is not an exception) is possible only if it contains cells that have retained the ability to divide.

And one of the factors determining this ability is the presence of an incentive of a physical nature.

In the case of the penis, its enlargement terminates at the age of 18-19 and the cells responsible for cell division in the cavernous tissues cease to fulfill their function. That limitation determined in them at the genetic level.

But there is a possibility to remove this restriction. For this purpose, men use the PeniMaster Pro extender.

This device is put on the penis and promotes its traction, due to which there is a sufficiently pronounced stimulus of the cells to divide, provoked by an elementary mechanical impact.

Why is it Worth to Buy PeniMaster?

The advantages of using PeniMaster Pro once again indicate the justification for its purchase:

  • High efficiency. Increase all the parameters of the penis quite quickly, and the results preserved for life.
  • Safety. PeniMaster Pro impacts exclusively on physiological processes.
  • The optimal value for money (326. Order now).

How Long to Wait for the Penis Enlargement Results?

Here everything depends not only on the duration of use but also on the physiological characteristics of the human body.

In most cases, men noted the first results concerning size increase after 2-4 weeks of systematic use of the PeniMaster Pro extender, and the potency boosted after 4-5 sessions!

Warranty and Delivery

Your order will be delivered with German precision. The manufacturer fully understands the importance of the timely delivery of the PeniMaster Pro extender, and therefore only cooperates with trusted carriers.

Receive your order strictly in the period specified in the application.

Compare PeniMaster PRO

Having carried out a comparative analysis of the PeniMaster Pro extender with similar products of the leading competing companies, one can once again be convinced of its functionality and high efficiency.


Any Side Effects?

In the case of proper use, there will be no undesirable side effects. But the positive impact can be noted due to the systematic mechanical irritation of the cavernous bodies.

As a result, the intensity of the penile blood flow will increase, and hence the intensity of the testosterone synthesis will increase.

A man will feel much more confident, and also muscle mass will be gained after training.

Final PeniMaster PRO Review

Using a PeniMaster Pro extender is the only way to increase the size of the penis physiologically without the risk of damaging your body.

To use this device, there are no contraindications or any limitations.

The critical point is that the use of the PeniMaster Pro extender allows you to increase the penis not only in length but also in girth, which is especially appreciated by women. Click here to visit the official Penimaster Pro website

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James Carlton

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